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As the first student-initiated and student-led art club at San Juan Diego Catholic High School, the SJD Creative Club's goal is to provide students with a community that encourages your creative expression and artistic growth.

We provide a safe space for students to grow in their art regardless of your current experience. Whether you've studied art for years or are someone just beginning their art journey, we want to offer you opportunities to practice your art and share your creativity together with us.


Got a question for us? Want to know what happens behind the scenes in the SJD Creative Crew? It might be answered somewhere here! If not, please visit our contact page for more help.

FAQ - what?

Q. What happens during club meetings?
A. During the first club meeting of the month, members will be assigned a theme to interpret and express however they please in their own artwork! Members will then have two weeks until the next meeting to create their piece(s).
The second club meeting of the month will be an opportunity to showcase our works with the rest of the club and offer critique/suggestions (only with the original creator's permission). During this meeting, all members will then either be assigned a new theme OR offered more time to work on their previous work(s).

Q. What if I don't finish my artwork before the next club meeting?
A. Regardless of completion, members are always encouraged to share their current ideas, thoughts, and progress. Whether or not members choose to share unfinished works with the club, they will not be penalized for unfinished pieces.

FAQ - when/where?

Q. When and where do you host club meetings?
A. Club meetings will be hosted every two weeks on Tuesdays after school from around 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM in Dr. Dovale's classroom (room 148). Meeting dates and times may vary occasionally, and club members will be informed as soon as possible about any schedule changes.

Q. Where will my work be showcased?
A. The possibilities are endless, and the SJD Creative Crew is always open to new suggestions! As of right now, the only definite place for members to showcase their artwork will be in the monthly issues of the Saintly Times newsletter. We currently also hope to be able to design SJD merchandise and posters for other SJD clubs.

FAQ - how?

Q. How do I join or participate?
A. All students interested in becoming members of the SJD Creative Crew are encouraged to attend our club meetings! In the periods between meetings, however, students interested in joining us can do so by contacting Kat Octaviano.


The SJD Creative Crew is currently led by senior Kat Octaviano and sponsored by Dr. Dovale. Please contact Kat ([email protected]) for any questions or information you might need regarding the SJD Creative Crew!

For any quick ideas you'd like to share with us, check out our virtual suggestions box!

announcements + schedule

  • 09/13/21: The first scheduled SJD Creative Crew meeting, then the club will be in full swing! Pack your paintbrushes, sketchbooks, canvases, anything you can think of-- it's time for SJD to get creative! (new theme assignment)

  • 09/28/21: Second September SJD Creative Crew meeting (new theme assignment); get ready to share your work with the rest of the club!


Below are some forms for anyone interested in joining or sharing ideas for the SJD Creative Crew!

  • SJD Creative Crew New Member Form, a place for new members to share about their interests and current art experience! (not required for new members to complete, but highly recommended!)

  • The Suggestion Box, a place for anyone (member or not!) to share suggestions or ideas for the Creative Crew. Whether you have prompt ideas or have any other suggestions, here's a place to do it in case you miss a club meeting!